Brighton & The Royal Pavilion

Sept. 18, 2019

We got to Brighton after visiting Fishbourne Palace. We settled into the Grand Brighton Hotel and then spent the evening on the pier riding rides and eating fish & chips. We were graced with a gorgeous sunset over the water.

The next day we got a fantastic sit-down buffet breakfast at the hotel. Then we walked to the Royal Pavilion which served as a sea-side pleasure palace for King George IV in the early 1800s. The inside is just drenched in English interpretation of Indian and Chinese design. I enjoyed the audio wands that were provided to us. There were several options for learning more about the rooms. Visitors aren't allowed to take pictures inside, but the website has a virtual tour to (kind of) make up for it. This post is really link heavy but please check them out. The content on their website is grand.

The Banqueting Room was just magnificent, with a 30 foot high chandelier held up by the claws of a 12 foot long silvered carved wood dragon. Four phoenix in each corner held up their own chandeliers as well.

The Great Kitchen did a fantastic job of interpreting period food and dining culture of the King.

The Music Room was opulent and gave the visitor an opportunity to learn about restoration efforts since the room was previously damaged by fire and storms. The audio wand invited visitors to sit down on the carpet of the room to take a moment and soak up the beauty of the space.

The website provides good pictures and a lot of interpretation on what life was like to live and work in the pavilion. it has content on object stories, restoration, history and architecture, covering all the bases! Really a top-notch website, content-wise.


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Chloe Wingard