Christmas 2020

March 15, 2021

Let's Deck the Hall!

This year's holiday decorations were already planned to be a little more tame than last year's Superhero bonanza. Thank goodness because I couldn't imagine trying to put together anything like that during a global pandemic.

The theme this year is "A Very Merry Christmas" and the decorations inside the house will include everything that comes to mind when you think 'Christmas'. Elves, Santa, nutcrackers, snowmen, snowballs, toys, hot drinks, sweet treats, Christmas ads, a nativity, and present boxes.

I've been gathering decorating teams and planning décor since March this year and its been smooth sailing! We've gotten some amazing donations from collectors in the area to showcase on the tour route.

Enjoy this gallery of glitter and festivity from Stan Hywet's 2021 Deck the Hall!


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Chloe Wingard